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Hello, my name is Gemma Koomen and I make paintings and illustrations in gouache and ink about the little things that I love; real and imaginary wildflowers and plants, small people in big places, animals that you could maybe have a conversation with, thoughtful objects and tiny homes. 

With my illustrated world I aim to open up a little door of tenderness and peacefulness, which in turn helps me (and hopefully others) to notice and enjoy the beauty of small things. My work is a constant opportunity to embrace imperfection and seek simplicity.

For the first time by request I am selling a small quantity of high quality Giclee prints, greetings cards and other nice things online. Let me know if you feel there is a product or an illustration from my portfolio or instagram feed that is not here that you would like to see in the shop!

I have strived to use where possible, sustainably sourced paper, packaging and printers who use environmentally friendly practices.

For wholesale and all other enquiries email